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We specialize in active vacations in Bulgaria
and are a partner for International tour operators


A journey into feeling good

A wellness holiday by the ancient mineral springs in Devin, in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains is a refreshing break you will cherish.


Speedy biking in the mountain scenery

In the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, you will spend an amazing mountain
biking holiday or train for races on trails that are perfect for
mountain biking.

In addition, you will relax in a five-star spa hotel.


A refreshing hiking trip to Bulgaria

It’s hard to imagine a better fitness vacation than hiking. With the destination being the thrilling Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, the days will stand out from your usual holiday in the sun.


Enjoy a fishing trip to Bulgaria!

Once the waters close by have become familiar, it’s time for new experiences. Embark on a laid-back fishing trip to Bulgaria, where trout, carp and catfish flock the mountain waters!


Experience a unique city break in Bulgaria!

Bulgaria is the mythical kingdom of the Balkans, and Plovdiv is one of its most fascinating cities. Join us for a magical, guided city break that will also take you into the rugged mountains.


An adventure holiday in Bulgaria!

Bulgaria is an ideal destination for daredevils and nature lovers who enjoy, for example, mountain biking, hiking and climbing. A versatile holiday with safe adventures recharges batteries better than beach chairs.

We are outdoor enthusiasts!

Summer or winter, one needs to get outdoors, preferably to a familiar path rather than to an exotic beach.

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